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Cairo: 1 January 2014 The Arab Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) today, 1 January 2014, released issue No. 6 of the second publication of “Wasla” newspaper. The issue includes some writings of bloggers along with comments of online activists that pertain to the current situation in Egypt and the Arab world. The 6thissue, which is entitled “A family is made by life”, tackles a number of tweets that discuss […]


Cairo 21 December 2009 ANHRI stated that the internet has a snowball effect on the process of democracy in the Arab world. This new force cannot be stopped by government’s actions of censorship, blocking the internet and arresting and even torturing internet users. In the Arab world, where the most repressive regimes lie, the internet has been a tool used to bring democracy and free expression to the region. This […]