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Cairo on June 21, 2008

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information “ANHRI.NET” condemned the results of the ministerial council of Arab information ministers that was held in the headquarter of the Arab League yesterday and the day before. The meeting resulted in condensing using the elastic expressions to define the document of satellite channels transmission and push towards applying it and make its words suitable for the internal legislations of every state. This is happening despite they declared that the document is just a “guide”.

The meeting witnessed pressures from the representatives of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Algeria towards applying the document via amending the legislations of the different countries to suite the document. But after Qatar held to its opposition to the document, Lebanon and UAE joined Qatar and declared some conservations which made the Egyptian information minister describe the document as “guide” and demands establishing an Arab commission for information work on applying this document and monitor what is being transmitted on satellites.

“using the word (freedom to expression) so frequently by the Arab Information Ministers, reminds us with Interior ministers when using the phrase (defending human rights), then expand torturing people” Gamal Eid the executive Director of ANHRI said.

As for the Electronic media; the network confirms that launching such an Arab electronic media committee completes the confiscation -cancellation -censorship triangle which bonds the printed and electronic media along with satellites.

This is why it was not strange to choose Saudi Arabia to host the headquarter of this committee while the Kingdome is one of the fiercest enemies of Internet in the world. This attitude requires all internet users to get well prepared using alternative blogs and website along with “proxy” and programs able to break censorship.

The Arabic network said “the secretary general of the Arab League should align with freedom to media and expression and declare his denouncement of that document. But his adopting the document clarifies that the league is a real fragile entity follows governments working against freedom to expression”

It is well known that there is 415 satellite channels among them there are 63 governmental. Though the document has not been not effectuated yet , there are three satellites banned “Hewar, Baraka, Hikma” and the sets of a transmittion services company had been confiscated . Morocco squeezed “aljazeera” transmission. This gives us an indicator on what is going to be the result of applying this document officially.

For more information; In Arabic;
في قضية شركة القاهرة الإخبارية استمرار نهج تلفيق القضايا ، وتأجيلها لجلسة 16 يونيو القادم

الرباط تمنع بث نشرة الجزيرة المغاربية

مصادرة أجهزة البث المباشر لأحدى أهم شركات الستالايت في مصر

الحكومة المصرية توقف بث قناة الحوار الفضائية على قمر النايلسات

34منظمة حقوقية عربية ودولية تعلن : وثيقة تنظيم البث الفضائي باطلة من حيث الشكل والمضمون

وزراء الإعلام العرب يقرون وثيقة تفرض قيود صارمة على حرية البث الفضائي

in English;
Update in Regard of Cairo News Company (CNC) Case

Cairo News Company Lawsuit Session postponed until June 16th

Rabat Probhibits the Gezaira Magaribi News Prodcasts

Live broadcasting devices of a satellite company are confiscated

The Egyptian government bans the Al Hiwar space channel on Nile Sat

The document of organizing space transmission is invalid through its form and content

Arab ministers of information submit a document imposing tough restrictions on freedom of satellite transmission