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Cairo, 4 December, 2008

ANHRI’s legal aid unit for freedom of expression said today that it has filed a petition with the council of state against the minister of interior demanding that he explain the reasons behind the arrest of blogger, Mohamed Adil on 20th November, and disclose his current whereabouts.

ANHRI’s legal aid unit for the freedom of expression and the blogger’s father have submitted two petitions to the attorney general since his kidnap, when they learnt that he had been arrested. ANHRI finally obtained a permit to visit the blogger, but the prisons administrators claim that he is not in their custody.

Taher Aboelnasr, a lawyer at the legal aid unit stated:

“We have an official document to prove that Mohamed Adil has been arrested, disappearing in complete disregard of even emergency law, which at least guarantees the detainee the right to know the reasons for his arrest and the location where he will be held, despite all its other unfavorable aspects.”

“We are not concerned with Mohamed Adil’s alleged affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood, what concerns us is whether or not he broke the law. We are not going to bargain the freedom of an Egyptian citizen under the pretext of his affiliation with some group or other, all that we are aware of is that Mohamed Adil did not commit any crime, but merely expressed his opinion on his blog, and we support his right to express that opinion,” said Gamal Eid the executive director of ANHRI.

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information has demanded in its petition in this case a million Egyptian pounds as damages in favor of the blogger’s family as a result of the violation of the provisions of the law and the constitution, and the consequences this has had for his family.

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