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Cairo in 30\6\2009

The Arabic Network for Human Rights information, ANHRI, states that the government continuing violation of Egyptians rights and dignity and harassing citizens everywhere has gone far beyond all red lines and cannot be tolerated.

State security officers at Cairo airport detained Wael abbas , blogger and activist, for more than five hours early this morning. Upon his arrival from Sweden , after attending a conference, state security officers escorted him to office, not minding his exhaustion after such a long trip. He was detained for 5 hours, not offered any food , not allowed to use the restroom and both his passport and laptop were confiscated. He was disgracefully self- inspected and his handbag and medicines scrutinized. Officers asked him to sign a
submission receipt of all his confiscated belongings for censorship inspection, which Wael did not sign. Moreover, his luggage was lost after such a long detention.

Hamdy Al- Assiuoty , law unit counselor at ANHRI, declared that these provocative actions of the Egyptian state security investigation service towards human rights activists upon their departure or arrival are totally illegal. Detention, self-inspection and scrutinizing their belongings is meant to harass them for using their constitutional right of freedom of expression and opinion in Egyptian state affairs.

ANHRI has already filed a communiqué to the general prosecutor to hold account the doers.

ANHRI condemns the state security continuous manipulation of Egyptians’ lives and destinies and their utter disrespect of the least of all fair martial laws, those officers act as if they are ruling Egypt with a law of their own.