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Cairo on 23/7/2009
ANHRI declares that state security services are still detaining Madgy Saad , owner of the blogger “yalla mesh mohem ” and Abd El Rahman Ayyash owner of the blog “Al Ghareeb” , after their return form Turkey yesterday. The reason of detention is still not known.

ANHRI expresses worry about detaining arriving bloggers at the airport becoming a routine. This is the fourth blogger detention incident in less than one month; Wael Abbas wad detained on 30/6/2009 after arriving from Sweden for eight hours and his laptop was confiscated since then. On 18/7/2009 , Ahmed Salah , a blogger was detained for several hours and was not released except after scrutinizing his belongings and currently both bloggers Magdy and Ayyash are being detained for no reason.

Gamal Eid, ANHRI executive manager, states, “This is a new episode of the blatant violation program practiced by the security services, with absolute illegitimacy and with shameful consent of the prosecution, the only entity responsible of questioning police authorities about such encroachments and law breaking incidents.”