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Cairo 19/7/2009
After Issuing A New Arrest Order Against Mosaad Abu Fagr ,
ANHRI Requests The Ministry Of Interior To Cease Its Oppressive Practices And To Respect Court Orders . ANHRI Expresses Extreme Concern About Abu Fagr’s Safety In Prison.
ANHRI states that the new arrest order against Mosaad Abu Fagr, the Sinai activist and novelist is considered a continuation of oppressive policies of the ministry of interior and a violation to all local and international treaties especially after refusing to realize the many release court orders for Abu Fagr.

Hisham Mubarak Law Center declared that both Mosaad and his brother Ahmed were moved to Borg Al Arab prison after having spent more than a week in a detention spot in Arish , Sinai meaning this is the 13th arrest order issued against Mosaad.

In December 2008, the administrative court bound the ministry of interior to release Mosaad after an appeal submitted to it based on that arrest orders are in essence administrative orders. Consequently HMLC obtained tens of release orders from the state security emergency court for Mosaad, those orders which the ministry of interior not only completely overlooked, but issued new arrest orders in return as well.

ANHRI requests the ministry of interior to realize court orders and release Mosaad and his brother Ahmed , as their lives are at stake in prison.

Mosaad was arrested in 26/1/2007, and was accused in the case #1538/2007. Final release orders were issued for him, so the ministry of interior turned him to the prosecution in a new accusation of the case 1925/2008. His lawyers managed to obtain release orders in his favor. Once more the ministry of interior used the emergency law to keep him in prison by issuing an arrest order for Mosaad in 17/3/2008. Abu Fagr has numerous release court orders as an emergency law detainee , however, the ministry of interior insists on keeping him behind bars for as long as possible.