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Cairo on 5/8/2009.
For The Second Time, Security Cancels ANHRI Lawyers Visit To The Blogger Hany Nazeer Despite Having A Permit.
ANHRI Refuses State Security Bullying At Borg AL Arab “Estate” And Requests The Prosecution To Disclose The Investigation Results Towards These Practices, If Any.
The Arabic Network For Human Rights Information, ANHRI, expresses deepest resentment of the repeated security bullying of the lawyers of the legal support unit at ANHRI , that is stopping them from visiting prisoners of opinion. The security at Borg Al Arab prison, refused to let Rawda Ahmed, lawyer at ANHRI, visit the blogger Hany Nazeer Aziz, though she had a valid visit permit from the detainees affairs administration , the legally authorized entity.

When Rawda and Hany’s cousin handed in the visit permit to the state security officer ,he checked Rawda’s id card her official papers and despite the administration called on Hany to see his visitors, Rawda and Hany’s cousin waited for more than two hours before the state security officer asked Hany’s cousin ,” Is there another visitor for Hany?”, to which the cousin answered,” Rawda, the lawyer.” The officer asked for her union membership card and asked them to wait. He came back shortly and said,” No visit for both of you” . When they asked for the reason for canceling the visit , the answer was ,” for no reason.”

Rawda went to another officer hoping for an answer, he asked her ” You are Rawda the lawyer, aren’t you?”. She affirmed. He said ,” We have instructions not to let you through the visits door.”

This is the second time the state security stops the legal support unit at ANHRI from visiting Hany Nazeer and the third time for Borg Al Arab prison despite having valid visit permits at all times; whether for visiting Kareem Amer or for visiting Hany Nazeer , two blogger prisoners at Borg Al Arab.

ANHRI states that, “these illegal practices have no definition except security bullying. Though ANHRI filed a complaint against the state security officers who stopped the lawyers on the first visit , yet the ministry of interior and the general prosecution did not take any action. This indifference encouraged those officers to go further with bullying.”

ANHRI also states that, ” there are many means of confronting this bullying; there are offices for freedom of expression , arbitrary detention , lawyer support and other UN bodies which we will be addressing in order to expose such criminal security practices and the disgraceful failure of the general prosecution to be up to its responsibilities.”