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Cairo in August 8, 2009

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) expressed today its strong condemnation of the manner by which the security at the airport in Cairo deals with bloggers and activists. the blogger Wael Abbas, who is known for his blog “Alwa’y Elmasry”, has been stopped and humiliated with self-inspection. Moreover, his camera memory cards and CDs as well two flash memories had been sized illegally. Wael was also subject to verbal abuse by the customs officers with incitement of the state security officers.

Wael Abbas was returning from Lebanon on Friday evening, after participating in a conference on “Climate change and the role of the media coverage of the problem,” where he was arrested by the security forces for nearly three hours, and then the customs officers searched him, and seized his personal belongings. When he asked to be turned to Prosecutor General, in case there are any charges against him, they refused and insulted him. Wael insisted to know what are the charges against him, so one officer told him; “you know what you are doing”, reference to his activities well known blogger.

It is to be mentioned that the security forces had already seized Wael’s lab top on June 30, 2009, following his detention for approximately 13 hours. The attempts of Wael Abbas and the Arabic network’s lawyers to know anything about fate of the computer were useless till today.

Gamal Eid, Executive Director of ANHRI said; “Wael Abbas was contacting us and leaving the line open to hear the insults directed to him at the airport. It is a crude sniffer political behavior, and the Ministry of Interior must feel ashamed of such practices.”

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