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After Ignoring To Investigate Attempts To Force Him To Islam
A Brutal Assault On A Christian Blogger Detained By Emergency Law At Borg Al Arab Prison

Cairo on 16/9/2009

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information, ANHRI, stated today that it had access to a complaint from the Christian blogger, Hani Nazeer, at Borg Al Arab prison in which he said that the prison administration assaulted him violently and registered him as a criminal detainee after ANHRI disclosed the pressures to force Hani to turn to Islam in return for his freedom.

The Christian blogger managed to send information to ANHRI stating that he was beaten up by the prison administration together with all ward inmates and they were all head shaved by force. Hani said that he was registered as a criminal detainee, that which puts his life at stake as he will be imprisoned with drug dealers and murderers.

Hani Nazeer was arrested with the collusion of Bishop Kirollos ,of Nagea Hammadi’s, with security service. Formerly, Hani declared to ANHRI lawyers that he is being pressured to turn to Islam for his freedom.

After refusing to cave in, Hani was ruthlessly assaulted by the prison officers who care the least about the law as a result of the prosecution failing its duties and neglecting all complaints and communiqués requesting to investigate these illegal incidents.

Gamal Eid, ANHRI’s executive manager, said ,” Egyptian officials should be ashamed of lying about not applying the emergency law on prisoners of conscience. Hani Nazeer and Mosaad Abu Fagr were not arrested for drug dealing, but because of their writings and opinions. Eid added , “ Hani was given in by the aid of a bishop ,he was pressured to turn to Islam, ANHRI lawyers were not allowed to visit him though they had all necessary permits and now he is being beaten up and the prosecution is silent as a mouse. If this is not impunity ,what can it be called?”

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