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Cairo on 16/9/2009

The Arabic Network For Human Rights Information , ANHRI, stated that the cassation court deferred Kareem appeal session to 20/10/2009, two weeks before releasing Kareem after having served three quarters of the term. The deferring decision was because the court requested a memorandum from the technical bureau affiliate of the prosecutor general.

The first cassation date for Kareem’s case was on 17/8/2009 , deferred to 18/8/2009 then to 15/9/2009 and now to 20/10/2009.

It is expected that Kareem will be released on 5/11/2009 now that he has served three quarters of the term.

ANHRI asserts that it will continue with the cassation appeal procedures in all cases in order to reveal the unjust investigations and trial that Kareem had experienced three years ago in Moharam Bek misdemeanor’s court then in the misdemeanor’s appeal court. ANHRI will pursue till Kareem is proven innocent.

The two trials resulted in two sentences for Kareem : a three year term for ridiculing Islam and one year for insulting the president in the articles on his blog, , and on “AlHewar AlMotamaden” site.

ANHRI stated,” we wish the prosecution and the ministry of interior will not impair or complicate Kareem release procedures this November. The young blogger has had more than enough and suffered bitterly for using his right to express on the internet.”

It is worth mentioning that Kareem has been awarded the Reporters sans Frontières internet prize of 2007 . Rawda Ahmed , the lawyer at ANHRI , has received it in Paris on Kareem’s Behalf.

Chronicles of Kareem’s case