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Cairo October 7th , 2010

The Arabic Network was deeply disturbed by the news that the Saudi authorities blocked al-We’aam newspaper website and arrested the editor, Turki al-Ruki, on the backdrop of a misprint that was promptly corrected. Nevertheless, the Saudi authorities arbitrarily blocked the site and arrested the editor.

News that the kingdom welcomes nomination of al-Malki was published on the news paper site, on 3/10/2010, referring wrongly to Saudi News agency (SNA). The misprint was corrected shortly after to Iraqi News Agency (INA).

Though the news was refuted by a Saudi official, yet the authorities blocked the newspaper site and would not release Turki so far.

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information said,” It is rather cruel to block a newspaper site and detain the editor over a misprint that was corrected. Misprints happen everyday in all newspapers and are readily corrected”.

The Arabic Network expressed refusal of this arbitrary act that adds pressure to press freedom in the Gulf area and almost chokes press in Saudi. The Arabic Network requested the Saudi authorities to release Turki immediately and lift the unfair block on We’aam website , a quite credible and popular newspaper that has got thousands of readers in and out of Saudi