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Cairo , October 17th , 2010

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information issued the eighth issue of Wasla ” A Close up on The City”. The theme is to present the city as conceived by Arab bloggers. The city was chosen as a theme as a change of direction as the political incidents and the social issues usually dominated Wasla’s content and thereby deferring creative and artistic posts.

It was significant that posts on villages ,fields and desert were almost absent , therefore it was important to issue this special issue.


Profile :

* A blog that makes you laugh and drives your tears
* Indian Trip
* Metropolis of the past
* A female taxi driver
* Crossing to cultures of Riyadh in a Limousine
* Season of Migrating to the South
* Walls tell the story
* Maze of loneliness

In addition, the issue contains graphics and arts designed by Wasla team and the Arab bloggers in addition to a set of English posts.

The Arabic Network starts to distribute the eighth issue today.

Free copies are available at ANHRI’s office. An electronic copy is available on the link

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