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Cairo , December 27th , 2010

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information released today the eleventh issue of Wasla ,headlined,Unleash Your Mind. The editorial titled “Free Your PC , Keep Internet Free”, the significance of open source applications and how they relate to WikiLeaks and the breakthrough in information circulation with the evolution of citizen media and its expected role in exposing corruption. The editorial discussed the relation between freedom of expression and open source applications and mentioned the dispute between Google and the Chinese government that was settled by Google accepting a margin of control by the Chinese government in order to keep its market share in China. Such controls cannot be imposed on open source applications.

The editorial staff introduced open source applications in a simple manner and how to use them to bridge the gap between real and virtual worlds.

The 11th issue included many Arabic posts

  • Profile : Julian Assang : Wanted Alive or Dead.
  • Ahmed Shaaban : Another Victim of torture
  • Well Done , Government
  • Arabic electronic mobility facing oppression and hacking
  • Ten Reasons to use open sources
  • About GNU/ Linux and open sources
  • The Gulf pioneering : Blogs and technology sites , free e-Universities.
  • The social Network
  • Our Neighborhood boy
  • Syria
  • Montaza

As well , the 11th issue publishes an article by Gamal Eid “ Fax here..internet there.. twitter here and there” .

Mohamed elTaher published a training manual for beginners on how to use social networks.

The issue also contains a selected choice of English posts. The back page contains bloggers graphics designs and the post “ The girl chasing the moon” .

Distribution of Wasla 11th issue starts today . Free copies are available at The Arabic Network office

10, Elwy Street

Apartment 5

Behind Central Bank

Downtown Cairo, Egypt

Electronic Wasla is available in pdf on

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