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ANHRI announced today the release of issue no.26 of Wasla newspaper under the main title “To revolution or not to revolution”. The cover is a comics for the Brazilian Cartoonist Carlos Latuff, were as main blog topic of the editing team is titled ”We do not plat Molotov”, in which the editor discusses the ongoing peaceful revolution, that revolts came to streets unarmed, but without using power against Central Security and Police, and even-more The presidential Guard, Security Forces would reject the revolution, so it is not acceptable to describe about 50% of Martyrs have been killed at police stations gates as “thugs”.

In addition to all above, the issue contains several blog topics written by Arab bloggers including:

Concerning the dancing cap: the thug that wears uniform, and freelance thuggery

In short, for your rights.. come down again to the square

This is how we can complete the revolution

Some prefer it Mysterious

Dream comes first

My uncle is conservative

For these reasons, we refuse the Military Tribunals

Non-revolutionary notes on revolution

Mahmoud Abdul- Aziz Amer is not a thug

We are all thugs, dear

Loay who gonna be whoever he wants one day

What makes the reference to the street, not to the law

The issue No. 26 of Wasla includes also several paintings, photos and designs from Arab bloggers in addition to a number of blog topics in English language, as well as some tweets by Arab bloggers on Twitter.
ANHRI will start today to distribute the issue no. 26 of Al Wasla newspaper. For people interested in the newspaper, they are welcome to get a printed copy from the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information headquarters in down town or an electronic copy in “pdf.” format under the newspaper section on the following link in ANHRI website: