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ANHRI announced today the release of issue no.25 of Wasla newspaper under the main title “No to Military Tribunals for poor people”. The main blog of the edition team is titled ”The right of Hussain comes first”, which the editor discusses his interview with Hussein, the first year prep school student, about Friday of anger and how was his basic demand for the departure Mubarak and to find the requirements of basic living. Then deals with the return of the same terminology of the toppled regime, which says that the people are like a heavy stone on his shoulders and- Mubarak- can not find how to feed all of them. Hussain affirmed that the slogans of the great great nation had been ended and replaced by the interests of investors, even if it was against the poor. In the last paragraph Hussain demanded social justice and redistribution of wealth equally, to ensure the rights of the little boy Hussain who we do not know now if he had been martyred or still alive.

In addition to all above, the issue contains several blog topics written by Arab bloggers including:

Why do Class is your aunt?

About Strike in Cairo of Al- Moa’taz Bellah Abdul- Fatah.

About the unjust law that is being implemented randomly.

What is the meaning of revolution?

What are you?

Secondly, Thirdly and Fourthly: Strike is a legitimate right against hunger and poverty.


I met them, i made sure that they are human-beings.

Poor come first, you sons of dogs.

A try for answering the boring historical question: Are Saudi people ready for the political reform?

Harassment in Europe and Advanced Countries

The issue No.25 of Wasla includes also several paintings, photos and designs from Arab bloggers in addition to a number of blog topics in English language, and some tweets from Arab bloggers posted on Twitter short blogs.
ANHRI will start today to distribute the issue no. 25 of Al Wasla newspaper. For people interested in the newspaper, they are welcome to get a printed copy from the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information headquarters in down town or an electronic copy in PDF format under the newspaper section on the following link in ANHRI website: