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ANHRI announced today the release of issue no.24 of Wasla newspaper under the main title “Police”. The editing team main blog topic is titled ”Torture.. the battle is continuous”, in which the editor discusses the ongoing torture even after the revolution, there is not yet a reconstruction, purifying or investigations for any crime the police committed against the people for decades. It talks about the police elitist vision and discrimination against people as Amr Hablas – Police Academy ideal student- informed the blog “ they look at people as if they are slaves should not be given the opportunity to rebel’ , then he affirmed at last that “ there is no magical solution for ending torture, but re construction of Police association, rehabilitation its crew could be the right starting.”
Habls ended his words saying ” Criminalize torture, not sit- ins”.
In addition to all above, the issue contains several blog topics written by Arab bloggers including:
* Thanks God, Police is back full of power an efficiency, we thank God for its safety and ask Him to let us pass away!
* Police crimes comes back after the revolution, a murder of a young man in Al- Azbakeya Police Station.
* Revolution holds gallows, not pampering.
* Who is the offender in The Azbakeya crises?
* Police dogs are back after the revolution.
* Police Days!
* A selected crimes of Cap. Mohamed Madkor, officer of Al- Azbakeya police station.
* In the anniversary of Khaled Said.. a revolution narrated by photos.
* Do we still “ All Of Us Khaled Said” ?
* National Projects.
* Police is taking revenge on the people.
* People Demand..

The issue No. 24 of Wasla includes also several paintings, photos and designs from Arab bloggers in addition to a number of blog topics in English language, and some tweets from Arab bloggers posted on Twitter short blogs.
ANHRI will start today to distribute the issue no. 24 of Al Wasla newspaper. For people interested in the newspaper, they are welcome to get a printed copy from the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information headquarters in down town or an electronic copy in PDF format under the newspaper section on the following link in ANHRI website: