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Cairo, August 6, 2011

ANHRI announced today the release of issue no.28 of Wasla newspaper under the main title “Result of incitement”, the back cover has the picture of Samir Mohamed one of the Martyrs of “Friday of Anger”. In continuation for the campaign entitled “Remember to Remember Me” that was began in the last issue, aiming at reminding everyone of the martyrs who died for freedom. Were as main blog topic of the editing team is titled ”A salafi warns his people: Oh, my dear nation”, in which the editor discusses the million gathering of Jul29, and how Salafis relatively gained and all of Egypt abstractly lost. The editor analyzed that the million gathering was a necessary for Salafis to show a reaction for the upraising of Libertarians and their extreme demands, but afterwards it turned – against its main concern- into an exclusion and harassment, while all that is needed is smile and dialogue. The editor ended his blog insuring that life is not limited to a single situation and greater than a single round, “so if you continued such attitude, you would be waiting for the consequences of ignorance soon” the editor added.

In addition to all above, the issue contains several blog topics written by Arab bloggers including:

Result of incitement

A hard Day

A coalition for the revolution or a coalition for destroying the revolution

Question and its simple Answer

Dilemmas of the revolution: majority of the accusations of treason

 Arrogance the Muslim Brotherhood and Freedom eliminates organization

Historical drama: why you are fanatics

The lucky general

Anatomy of cockroach: Four myths about art and revolution

Why layoffs

 When the Military Boot stepped on the Military Honor

 Class Blog: Revolution is in the details

The issue No. 28 of Wasla includes also several paintings, photos and designs from Arab bloggers in addition to a number of blog topics in English language, as well as some tweets by Arab bloggers on Twitter.
ANHRI will start today to distribute the issue no. 28 of Al Wasla newspaper. For people interested in the newspaper, they are welcome to get a printed copy from the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information headquarters in down town or an electronic copy in “pdf.” format under the newspaper section on the following link in ANHRI website: