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Cairo, 28 August, 2011

ANHRI announced today the release of issue no.30 of Wasla newspaper under the main title “Libya is Free”, the cover picture is for the of Libyan flag of independence. meanwhile, the back cover has the picture of the martyr Islam Raafat. In continuation for the campaign entitled “Remember to Remember Me” aiming at reminding everyone of the martyrs who died for freedom. The main blog topic of the editorial team talked about the victory of the Libyan revolution which overthrown the third Arab dictator and to promise Syrian and Yemeni revolutionaries that the victory is close, confirming that the dictator never win the people will, even if he used the army which is supposed to protect people. The editor ended his blog predicting that the year 2011 will be the year of the great Arab revolution, this year will not end before the fall of all regimes that closed before their people the road of the future, and faced the right with the gun.

In addition to all above, the issue contains several blog topics written by Arab bloggers including:

Will the Libyan revolutionaries are under the fire of the greatest weapon of Qaddafi?

Saving the regime of itself or saving Syria of the regime?

Syria.. A struggle for freedom

Struggling against the waves in the time of revolutions

The martyr Gen. Abdul-Fatah Yones and his colleagues

Sir. Abdul-Salam, I beg your pardon.

An overview on the discourse of independence

The incidents of Sinai, Eilat and Nesr Operation: Scenarios of faking reaction (Part:1)

Soliman Khater smiles again

Succession of Saudi Arabia movements dilemma for the new generation

Is it the scholarship student?

A compromise proposal for the formation of of the Constituent Assembly

In defence of the third line (the silent majority)

The issue No. 30 of Wasla also includes several paintings, photos and designs by Arab bloggers in addition to a number of blog topics in English, as well as some tweets by Arab bloggers on Twitter.

ANHRI will start today to distribute the issue No. 30 of Wasla newspaper. For people interested in the newspaper, they are welcome to get a printed copy from the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information headquarters downtown or an electronic copy in “pdf.” format under the newspaper section on the following link in ANHRI website: