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ANHRI releases issue No. 31 of Wasla newspaper under the main title “The people demand the independence of the judiciary”

ANHRI announced today the release of issue No.30 of Wasla newspaper under the main title “The people demand the independence of the judiciary”. The issue focuses on the blogs that addressed the independence of the Egyptian judiciary within the past weeks.

The issue contains several blog entries written by Egyptian bloggers on the struggle of the Independence of the judiciary in 2006, such as the blog entries: “Do not overload the judges beyond their capacity” from the blog “Tayy Al-Mottasel” (Unfolded secrets), and the blog entry “Once we entered the garden” from the blog “Ma bada lee” (What has appeared to me), and the blog entry “Judges’ sit-in..the struggle of liberation” from the blog “Bent Balad” (A gallant girl).

In addition to all above, the issue includes some Syrian, Libyan, and Saudi blog entries, such as the blog entry “The regime is ousted.. then” by the Libyan blogger Fahad Ismail. Moreover, there are some tweets under the hash tag #tal3mrak (Long live the king) that mostly addressed the negatives of the Saudi ruling regime.

Furthermore, the issue contains other blog entries, among of which:

The independence of the judiciary – The real struggle

The articles proposed for amendments in the code of the judicial authority

That who rules does not judge

Judiciary, oh judiciary

A dialogue with his justice

An independent judiciary = permanent justice

Supporting the code of the judicial authority

Has the revolution reached the judiciary?

A talk on the independence of the judiciary

To president Al-Assad .. He is Allah, who is One.

A lot on Libya and Syria.. A little on Hassan Nasrallah

Between Lebanon and new Libya