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Cairo, 9 October 2011

ANHRI released the issue No. 32 of Wasla newspaper under the main title “Yemen and Bahrain .. forgotten revolutions”. The issue aims at shedding the light on the Yemeni and Bahraini uprisings, viewed by the main blog entry that they are forgotten revolutions because of the Arab and international negligence even though several months have passed since their outbreak in February 2011.


The issue contains some blog entries written by Bahraini and Yemeni bloggers on the uprisings in their countries, the double standards by the international community, and the media blackout across the world on the serious violations of human rights in these two countries, unlike the massive coverage of the Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions and the current coverage of the Syrian uprising.


The issue contained several other blog entries, such as:


  • Bahrain and the shameful double standards of the Arab Gulf
  • Lulu square .. Pre-Thursday of massacre
  • The laboratory of the square
  • The Bahraini uprising and double standards
  • The Bahraini uprising between the media blackout and the remunerated journalists
  • The ordeal of professor Bassyouni
  • The avoidable Yemeni war
  • The night that triggered the uprising in Yemen
  • The revolution of Yemen.. why is the victory taking so long?
  • When is the “Yemeni revolution” really going to launch in the modern age?
  • The Yemeni revolution 2011: A simple attempt to document what I know of Yemen and its uprising



Moreover, the issue includes a profile of the martyrs of the Bahraini uprising and a number of English blog entries.


ANHRI is to distribute the issue today, and you can also have PDF copy of it on our website: