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Cairo, 16 November 2011


ANHRI released today the 35th issue of Wasla newspaper, under the main title We Are All Victims. The issue featured a blog entry by the editorial team in the first page, in which they called on bloggers to document the Arab uprisings and their martyrs. The entry also criticized the stumbling of the Egyptian revolution, affirming the rejection of military trials for civilians. The last page of the issue featured an image of Alaa Abd El-Fattah, under which it had been written “No to Military Trials for Civilians”, in solidarity with the detained bloggers and other citizens under military trials.


Additionally, the issue included a number of blog entries on the situation in the Arab world, among of which:


Where Is the World Standing?

It’s a Song.. It’s a Song

Difficult Comprehension .. Conquest on the Doctorine of Coca-Cola .. The Art of Framework Functionality

A Factional Blog Entry: The Revolution is All about Details

What’s the Matter?

The Logic of Revolutions.

I’m No Longer Surprised .. Hussein Is Detained

178 Years Ago, the Military Budget Was Public

Alaa Blogs from Jail : Daring Bold!

Syria after the Initiative .. Important Questions .. Assassinations and Aleppo Joining the Uprising

Alaa Whom They Don’t Know

The Arab Spring from A to Z

The Arab Revolutions between the Westerner Matches and the Gulf Oil


The issue also included a number of blog entries in English. ANHRI is to distribute the issue today, and you can find a PDF copy from Wasla’s section on our website via this link: