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Cairo, 22 December 2011


ANHRI released today issue No. 40 of Wasla, under the main title “Anarchist Issue against All Men in Power, Enemies of Happiness”. The blog entries focus on rejecting all repressive regimes in the Arab world, especially Egypt and Syria.


The issue included several blog entries on Egypt and the Arab world:


Does Field Marshal Tantawi take the pulse of the masses correctly?

Confusion of the Military Council, pffffffff

Palestinian nostalgia

Why has the mobility to topple the sectarian regime failed? What has not been said yet

In the elections: Beware!

Palestine will be free when Syria is.

The Syrian uprising and resistance

Yes to a military action against Bashar al-Assad

Razan passed from here

Syria: Free Raza Ghazzawi

Salafists and culture .. Does Abdel-Moenm Al-Shahhat really read Man of the Impossible?

Would you exchange what is better for what is less?

What freedom are you talking about?

Syria, inspired by Ibn Arabi


In its last page, the issue featrues a caricaure about the Syrian uprising and al-Assad’s repressive regime, drawn by Ahmed Nady.


ANHRI will distribute the issue today and you can obtain a PDF copy from this link: