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Cairo, 15 December 2011

ANHRI released today the 39th issue of Wasla under the main title “Let Us Hear You”, in coincidence with the second stage of the Egyptian parliamentary elections. “Egypt does not like flashback” blog entry of the editorial team links the current election and the so called “ballots game” with freedom of opinion and expression in the presence of social networks, and what such freedoms can become in the future.


The issue includes several blog entries on Egypt and the Arab world:


Paper shreds – I lost my sanity in Marg 18 prison


Have a sense of shame, sheikh


Remember the name “Nader Bakkar” well, as it is here to stay


The difference between us is huge


The secret behind the Salafists success in the elections


Revolutionary Egypt .. Electoral Egypt, thoughts on the current situation


Those people are infidels who won’t step into Paradise


Sorry, Mr. Abdul-Jalil


The issue also includs several tweets of bloggers and Internet activists on the Egyptian elections, in addition to a number of blog entries in English, and a special file on the hashtag #Egyelections.


On its last page, the issue has an image of the Syrian blogger Razan Maghrabi, who has been detained by the Syrian forces as she was heading to a conference on media freedom, as well as the hashtag #FreeRazan.


ANHRI will start distributing the issue today, and you can find a PDF copy on this link: