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Cairo, 11 December, 2011

ANHRI released today issue No. 38 of Wasla newspaper, under the main title “Ahmed Harara”, the man who lost an eye on 28 January, and lost the other on 18 November. The blog entry of the editorial team, “Gasp of Happiness”, was published on the first page of the issue, in which the editor addressed the Egyptian citizen, who is happy with the democratic elections. His happiness meets what is expected and required from his as he casts his vote. All the while, he forgets Tahrir Square, which happened to topple a regime on 25 January 2011.

The issue also included a number of blog entries on the condition of the Arab world:

Egypt: Revolution Is Back Home

Revolutionary Purity … and a Political Vow

Impregnation of the Egyptian Revolution out of Wedlock

SCAF between Tahrir and Abbasiya

Go back to Your Barracks!

Syria’s last updates: After bloodshed, It Is Time for Actions

I Closed My Window to a Helpless Belgian Morning.

The Arab Spring Is a Popular Uprising, Not a Western Puppet

Morocco on the Footsteps of Tunisia … Political Islam Steps Forward

Evrim Monique Vengeance of Music

A Letter from a Retired Armed Forces Officer to His Old Institution, Narrating His Suffering and Demands

In addition to a number of blog entries in English, the issue included an important blog entry from “Malek Al7azeen” blog, entitled “The Missed Opportunities and the Last Chance”, in which the blogger addressed the transitional phase and the ordeal of the incomplete revolution. He also listed the missed opportunities since the step-down of Mubarak, and the scenario that was supposed to take place, as well as the last chance.

ANHRI will begin distributing the copies today, and you can obtain a PDF copy by clicking on the following link: