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Cairo, 4 December 2011

ANHRI released today issue No. 37 of Wasla newspaper under the main title “Revolutionaries and a Military”. On its first page, the issue published the main blog entry of the editorial team, entitled “To stop worms from eating away your revolution”. This blog entry demonstrates the risks that the Egyptian revolution faces of attempts to circumvent and incite against the revolution, and defame the revolutionaries by what the author describes as “worms”.

Additionally, the issue includes several blog entries on the conditions of the Arab world:

Revolution of the flesh

The revolution ahead and the Marshal behind you

The second Egyptian Revolution

Down with Mubarak generals, the butchers, the killers

In Mohammed Mahmoud: Get down!

Vote, do not boycott

The martyrs’ second revolution in Egypt against the tyrants

On the second wave of the Egyptian Revolution

On the threshold of a civil state

Mysterious hidden hands

The blessed (Al-Mubarak) Marshal

I hate lying, which is why I am going to Tahrir

Be sincere with yourself before it’s too late

Is there a captain on the Moroccan democracy ship?

The issue also included a file, entitled “Ganzory Times”, as well as a number of tweets by bloggers and internet activists about Ganzory’s National Salvation government, a number of articles in English, and images and literary works too.

ANHRI will begin distributing the copies, and you can obtain a PDF copy by clicking on the following link: