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Cairo, 1 December 2011

ANHRI released today issue No. 36 of Wasla newspaper, under the main title “Retweet the Revolution”. On its first page, the issue published the main blog entry of the editorial team, entitled “After 10 months of fascism, the mill materializes”. The editor in this blog entry demonstrates the attempts to discharge popular anger through the elections and the Abbasiya demonstrations, in which the demonstrators carry policemen and military men on their shoulders, while voices in Tahrir call for a civilian presidential council, and they way the Ministry of Interior lost the first organized street war against the revolutionaries in Mohamed Mahmoud battle.

Additionally, The issue included several blog entries on the conditions of the Arab world:

Consensus does not wear military boots

The discovery

Wednesday of the raised bar

The protector is god, people

On the tales and the cigarettes

Parliament of 2011 – Parliament of the revolution of parliament of the military?

The Military Council will leave

The sound /g/

A National Salvation Council to save the current situation

Time for action: Leave everything behind and demonstrate at all squares

The issue also included a file of images, entitled “The Martyrs street .. formerly Mohamed Mahmoud”, as well as a number of blog entries in English.

ANHRI will begin distributing the copies, and you can obtain a PDF copy by clicking on the following link: