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Cairo, 29 December 2011

ANHRI released today issue No. 41 of Wasla, under the main title “Yearning for a Day of Freedom”. The main blog entry of the editorial team is entitled “Fascism advances”, in which the editor addresses the events of the year 2011: “We have proudly lived through 2011, we have lived and have known the meaning of life with friends who have left and others who will. When everyone pays his eulogy, we have nothing to give but a better world”. The editor expresses his astonishment that the year ends with calls that are inciting against the revolution and revolutionists: “We have experienced fear of the daily embodiment of fascism. Finally, we have heard that calming attempts call for burning protesters in incinerators, as if the year says to us farewell and welcome to fascism”.


The issue includes several blog entries on Egypt and the Arab world”


Harvest of 10 months under military rule

For these reasons the revolution will not end

On protests, Gamal, and apple tea

The revolution and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Razan is free

Defending the country does not require male anatomy

My heart in Tahrir

The voice has died -perhaps- but the echo does not die


Additionally, the issue contains a special file on the hash tag #SCAFPresser, which is composed of a number of tweets by bloggers and activists on the presser held by the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) to speak on the events of the Ministerial Cabinet.


The issue also includes a number of blog entries in English, photos, and literary works of bloggers.


ANHRI will start distributing the issue today, and you can find a PDF copy on this link: