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Titled “Oh Anti-socialist, Oh Traitor”

Cairo- 11 January 2012

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information released today the 43rd of its non periodical Wasla (link) with a chief headline says “Oh anti-socialist, Oh Traitor” responding  to the defamation campaign launched against the revolutionary socialists movement for their censuring the Military Council

The issue contains A group of posts by bloggers from all over the Arab world:
  • Yeah, we seek to fall the state of Tyranny, Poverty and Dependency
  • This is how state was invented
  • Why I dream of the military police? and why they dream of Ben Laden
  • Quick tips: Falling the State I
  • Anarchism between No authority and Chaos
  • Our Egypt” Initiative and opinions on “Their Egypt”
  • 500” Initiative
  • Egyptian Judiciary and Prostitution
  • The positive change
  • We will tour Egypt (Hanlefmasr#
  • Okasha a joke, but…
  • Not to make martyrs’ blood a point of view
  • In defense of Molotov: pre-state society
  • Insulting me with my nature

A special reportage titled “No for Military Trials” includes a list of military prisoners with the military rulings against them

And a group of English  posts written by Arab bloggers :

  • The One Citizen-  by Maikel Nabil
  • One hand group apologizes to Okasha and Zbaydar
  • Egyptian socialists answer the state’s attack
The distribution of the issue will start today, yet you can get your electronic version from Wasla’s page on ANHRI website here: