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Cairo- 17 January 2012
The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information released today the 44th issue of its non periodical Wasla (link) with the chief headline “Jasmine blogging” celebrating the 1st anniversary of Tunisia’s Jasmine revolution and the running away of the ousted dictator Ben Ali.

The issue contains a group of English and Arabic posts by Arab bloggers:

–          – Concluding statement by the 3rd bloggers gathering in Tunisia: bloggers without borders or restrains

–          – The holy theological flour

–          – Opinion before courage

–          – French May 1868, Tunisian December 2010 and January 2011: similarities and differences

–          – Tunisian Revolution, 1st year inventory, losers and winners

–          – Take off your mask you are in the revolution’s blessed land

–          – The pop protesting song the society soul

–          – I blog therefor I’m dandon

–          – Diaries of revolution agenda

–          – Temporary…even if you disagree

–          – A year passed, a year will pass

–          – Hal-  open government

In addition to A calendar for the year 2011 named “revolution continues” and some art works by the bloggers

The distribution of the latest issue will start today, yet you can get your electronic version from Wasla’s page on ANHRI website here: