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4-12Cairo: 4 December 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) today announced the release of the fourth issues of “Wasla” newspaper on December 1. It tackles the writings of bloggers as well as comments and tweets of online activists concernig the situation in Egyptian and the Arab world.

The fourth issue is about second anniversary of Mohamed Mahmoud incident, under the title of “they were wolves, we were lions” in reference to those events. It takes in many tweets that had been written about the incidents in Mohamed Mahmoud and its memories along with the activists’ comments on “Twitter”.

The following are some tweets included in the issue:

– Scenes behind the bar

– Here is Mohamed Mahmoud …flashes of joy

– Season of legitimacies fall

– 48 hours in the presence of thugs (formerly the Ministry of Interior)

– A sad short story

– Behind the enemy lines

– You are alike!

– What between us is enmity: about the fake trials

– Turning 360 degrees to the laundry room of Bassem Youssef

– A led elite .. not a leading elite

– A berry leaf

– 26 October… and the five lies

– Syria: revolution from the bottom of the coordination committees

– Departure filled with water, a year after leaving Levant

Moreover, the newspaper has tweets of activists and bloggers on both social networking sites of Twitter and Facebook, besides the comments on the news by the Internet users.

The issue has artistic and creative work that had been posted on the Internet by bloggers, comprising some tweets in English language.

ANHRI will start to distribute the newspaper today. Also, the issues are available in the headquarters of ANHRI in Downtown for those who want to get it.

You can check out the issues by “pdf” on Wasla site: Wasla