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wasla2-300x150The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information, ANHRI, released today its second edition of “Wasla”, which publishes the distinctive work of bloggers and online activists. The newspaper is being distributed on those who are interested in Egypt’s public affairs as well as the opinion makers who hardly follow the blogs on the internet.

The second edition of the newspaper is released at the beginning of November entitled “We will continue!”. Its main topic is about the Egyptian team’s loss against Ghana and connecting this to the current political incidents in the country, besides how it was affected by the political polarization in Egypt.

The November 1 issue contains manifold tweets had been written by bloggers and online activists, including:

–        ِ A football match summarizes a story of nation

–        Other reasons for sorrow in Kumasi

–         About the alliance between the military and the thieves and the “Dream” initiative

–        They look for “bully”….We look for a president

–        Art of picking gifts….that men don’t know

–        At the resort: Circumcise your husband  instead of smashing his head

–        As they say: lets forget the protest.. and call it a whore

–        A Palestinian fugitive towards the sea with his blue bag

Moreover, the newspaper has tweets for activists and bloggers on both social networking of Twitter and Facebook, besides the comments on the news by the internet users.

The issue has artistic and creative work that had been posted on the internet by bloggers, comprising some tweets in English language.

The first demo issue of the second edition was released on October 15, 2013, entitled “The Killer is free”. It tackled the latest developments of the political situation in the country and had many tweets that discuss the political conflict in Egypt.


ANHRI will start to distribute the newspaper today. Also, the issues are available in the headquarters of ANHRI in Downtown for those who want to get it.

You can check out the issues by “pdf” on Wasla site: Wasla