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Cairo: 16 January 2014wasla7web01-copy

 The Arab Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) today, 16 January 2014, released issue No. 7 of the second publication of “Wasla” newspaper. The issue includes some writings of bloggers along with comments of Internet activists that pertain to the current situation in Egypt and the Arab world.

 The 7thissue, which is entitled “Memories of how the American adventure entered into World of Disney”, tackles a number of tweets that discuss Egyptian and Arab affairs.

The following are some tweets included in the issue:

– Reckless car in praise of the first year

– South Africa: a lesson in coexistence and citizenship

– A grain of hope

– Memories of how the American adventure entered into World of Disney

– Why will Emad Adib’s country fail?

– I have a relative in Rabaa Square

– In Heliopolis apartment

– Abdo system

Additionally, this issue has some comments on news by Internet users, a number of tweets and posts on social networking websites, some tweets in English language, and the new year calendar.

It has some artistic and creative work that had been posted on the Internet by bloggers.

ANHRI will start distributing the issue today, and you can find a PDF copy on this link: Wasla

Source :Arabic Network for Human Rights Informatio