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1Cairo: 2 February 2014

The Arab Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), today, announced the release of the 8th issue of Wasla Newspaper, with the date of “1 February 2014”. The newspaper addresses bloggers’ writings, comments and blogs of Internet activists over incidents that Egypt and the Arab world are witnessing.

The 8th issue, entitled “Wall Games in Egyptian Civil War”, covered a number of blogs that are concerned with Egyptian and Arab affairs.

Some of these blogs are:

– In defense of logic

– Were we right?

– Do not Rush the success of the revolution

– Away from nonsense… 6 questions about announcing MB a terrorist organization

– The Coming Setback

– Mohammed Ibrahim, the Minister of Interior who doesn’t understand

– The German Experience

– Do we have to regret making the Revolution

– Grabbing the Hadith from its historical and geographical context

This is in addition to Internet users’ comments on electronic newspapers’ news, short blogs on social networking websites, and an English blog. Moreover, the issue included a Cartoon, which expresses the result of the constitutional referendum.

The issue also contained a lot of art and creative works that are published on the Internet by bloggers.

ANHRI starts to distribute the issue today. You can have a printed issue from ANHRI’s location downtown Cairo.

You can check the issues on a pdf version, on the following links:

Source :Arabic Network for Human Rights Informatio