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Untitled-1-copyCairo: 16 March, 2014

The Arab Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), today, released the 11th issue of the second publication of Wasla newspaper, on March 16, 2013. The issue tackles the writings of bloggers, in addition to comments and tweets of online activists, pertaining to the situation in Egypt and the Arab World as well. The 11th issue, which is entitled “Do you have an alternative?”, includes a number of blogs about the Egyptian and Arab affairs.

The following are some blogs in the issue:

– Eve of arresting the alternative

– What if we go back to January 24?

– The anonymous and the absurd

– The civil state, is it really civil?

– My lungs are about to explode

-Our strength is in Requbetna (those who stole Egypt’s revolution) Sent at 9:49 AM on Monday

– A terrorist but not strong

A number of comments, by the Internet users, on the news are also included, together with some tweets and posts on the social networking sites, in Arabic and English. The issue, moreover, includes caricatures.

The issue also encompasses a lot of artistic and creative works that the bloggers published on the Internet. ANHRI will start to distribute the issue today.

You can have a copy from ANHRI’s headquarters, Downtown, Cairo.

You can check out the issues on a PDF version, on the following links:

Source :Arabic Network for Human Rights Informatio