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unnamed2Cairo: 15 June, 201

Communique No. 8797- 2014, Misdemeanor Osim

Defendant Khaled Mohamed Al-Shazly “Print house worker”


1-Having publications that promote a terrorist group raising sedition, driving a wedge between the people, and inciting to the overthrow of the regime, besides incitement to violate the laws.

2- Managing a print house without a license.

3- Inaugurating a print house without providing a prior written notice to the Governor.

4- Printing a newspaper without giving a prior written notice to the Governor.

5- Managing a shop without obtaining a license.

6- Belonging to a terrorist group (Muslim Brotherhood group).


2 carton box includes Wasla publication’s issues, 17 metal zinc plates (ASTM)

– Charges were also brought against Hassan Mohamed Mubarak “print house owner”, as he is facing charges for distributing the publication.

Through investigations, the defense lawyer corrected the name to “Mohamed Hassan Mubarak”,

He also requested to hear the testimony of:

1- Mohamed Hassan Mubarak

2- Gamal Eid (as he is the Executive Director and is in charge of the newspaper)

The decision/ an early appearancepending national security investigations

* Details about the Case:

ANHRI’s Commentary:

First: Wasla publication doesn’t give rise to discord and basically doesn’t adopt a certain opinion; it includes a collection of diverse writings and opinions posted online for the purpose of linking them to older writers and politicians, so as to learn about the opinions and thoughts of the young Internet users.

Second: Wasla is a non-periodical publication that has a published and known deposit number; and the Non-periodical Publications Laws don’t require a license, rather they only need a deposit number.

Third: The print house and its workers are not to blame for such acts, as they don’t have nothing to do with the content of the newspaper. Like any printing house, the workers print upon a financial agreement and authorization from the publication or the book; and they don’t carry any sort of liability or responsibility.

Fourth: No matter what the state security investigations are, the charges of belonging to MB deem fabricated, and are not even worth a response. Definitely, ANHRI and its director don’t have any relation whatsoever with Muslim Brotherhood or any other political or religious groups.

Source :Arabic Network for Human Rights Informatio