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Following Two-Month of Suspension due to the Confiscation of Wasla’s 17th Issue, ANHRI Releases the 18th Issue Entitled “Machines Achieve Victory over Man”Cairo: 7 August 2014

 The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) releases the 18th issue of the second publication of Wasla newspaper, following two-month suspension owing to the confiscation of the 17th issue. It addresses the writings of bloggers as well as the comments and tweets of the online activists about the economic and political situation in Egypt. Also, it includes comments related to the World Cup events along with the political incidents in the adjacent Arab countries.

 The issue’s important titles are:

1- Machines achieve victory over man.

2- A society is riven by “politics” and united by “songs”

3- Don’t pay homage to Mubarak’s Economy Again.

4- The end of Spain.

5- As the Jews’ communist sons.

6- Comics.

7- While we are sleeping.. what happened in Iraq?

Additionally, the issue takes in the comments of netcitizens on TV and electronic newspapers’ news, some tweets and posts on the social networking websites, like “Maheinour El-Massry” and “Mubarak tel3 Haramy (Mubarak is a Thief)” hashtags. It also has English blogs and a lot of artistic and creative works that have been published on the Internet by bloggers.

Noteworthy, this is the first issue after the security bodies had confiscated the previous issue of Wasla newspaper, which was entitled “Seery ya Normandy (Go Normandy)”.

ANHRI starts today to distribute the issue.

Also, you can check out the pdf of Wasla on the following link:

Issue 18 of WASLA:

About the confiscated 17th issue:

Source :Arabic Network for Human Rights Informatio