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Cairo, April 14, 2009.

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information asserted today, that security organs have returned to the policy of kidnapping young Internet activists policy once again, especially after the inactivity of the Public Prosecutor in investigating the facts of the 4 previous abduction cases, in which the State Security abducted ‘Ahmed Alaa El Din’, a student and activist in the 6 April movement on April 7, and in spite of reporting the incident “number 6818” to the public prosecution on April 11 , the investigation have not started yet, instead, the security services started to bargain the young activist’s family and pressure it to withdraw the report, otherwise “they will detain him.”

The SSI has kidnapped ‘Ahmed Alaa’, an activist in 6 April movement and Kefaya movement, on April 7 at from his house in Minya El-Qamh in Al-Sharkeyya province, and confiscated his mobile phone and three computers, then he was taken to an unknown destination, later, the network’s lawyers learned that it is the SSI headquarters in Minya El-Qamh.

Although the Arabic Network’s lawyers have submitted a report to the Attorney General on April 11, but the delay of the investigation gave the security services the opportunity to exert gross pressures on the young activist’s family to withdraw their report to the Attorney-General and abolish the retainer of the Arabic network’s attorneys, otherwise they will not release him and “detention would be his fate.”

“the Public Prosecutor’s abstention of investigating the reports we have submitted in cases of kidnapping ‘Mohamed Adel’, ‘Philip Rizk’, and ‘Dia Gad’ has encouraged the continuation of the security to disregard the law and continue to kidnap Internet activists, and this is what we call “impunity”, our report to the Public Prosecutor included charges against the SSI, the place in which ‘Ahmed Alaa’ was detained, and the circumstances of his abduction, then why do the Public Prosecution slacken its pace in carrying out a fair and impartial investigation on this crime? “, said Rawda Ahmed, director of the legal aid unit for freedom of expression.

“Negligence of the prosecution, in holding those responsible for these criminal practices is not the end, we are preparing a file to be submitted to the UN Special Rapporateur on Anti-Terrorism, who is visiting Egypt soon, and we will also include it in our report to the United Nations next September “, said the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information.

It is noteworthy that ‘Ahmed Alaa’, who was kidnapped a week ago, is a student in the Faculty of Commerce in Zagazig University, and the illegal kidnapping led to deprive him from attending his exams. The Arab Network expected that he would be released after the report, or at least, the Public Prosecution would open an investigation with his abductors, instead, a copy of the report was sent to the State Security Investigation (how), which resulted in bargaining Ahmed’s family to waive the report and withdraw the retainer of the Arabic Network’s attorneys under the pretext that he would be released if they did so, and the Arabic Network regards such bargains as more likely for a gang, not the Security organs.