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Cairo, April 28, 2009.
The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information asserted today that it will not back down from its legal demand of an investigation with the State Security officers who abducted the Internet activist “Ahmed Mohamed Alaa El Din”, on April 7, 2009, who was released Monday evening on April 27 three weeks after kidnapping.

In spite of submitting a report to the Public Prosecutor last April 11, as well as submitting a report to the Attorney-General in Zagazig last April 22, the Department of Public Prosecutions did not proceed with any investigation into the kidnapping up till now.

Huda Nasrallah, lawyer in the Legal Aid Unit for Freedom of Expression of the Arabic network, has filed a report (No. 6818) to the Public Prosecutor on April 11 requesting the investigation into abducting the activist “Ahmed Alaa” and seizing his computers from his house in Minya El-Qamh- El-Sharqiyya. Ten days later, she went to the Office of the Attorney General in Zagazig, who is in charge of the city of Minya El-Qamh, to find out that the investigation did not begin, and moreover, the report submitted to the Office of the Public Prosecutor was not received, however, Huda Nasrallah along with Siham Shawada, journalist in El-Ahali newspaper, submitted a new report on 22 April (No. 22) to the Attorney General on the kidnapping incident and demanded an immediate investigation into the crime.

Yesterday evening, the Arabic Network learned that “Ahmed Alaa” has been released and that he went back home.

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information thinks that the release of Ahmed Alaa does not mean the closure of the case, since the crime of kidnapping has been committed, and the names of the officers who abducted Ahmed Alaa is known (Hossam Hijazi and Ahmed Morgan), the Arabic Network has also learned of the place where Ahmed Alaa was detained during the past several weeks (the department of the State Security in Minya El-Qamh) and, of course, Ahmed Alaa did not take back the computers that were seized at his arrest (three PCs, and a mobile phone).

If the Public Prosecution is keen on justice, there is now a full-fledged crime, and all we need is some justice:

Citizen who was kidnapped: Ahmed Alaa.

Names of his abductors: Hossam Hijazi and Ahmed Morgan, State Security officers.

Place of detention: the SSI department in Minya El-Qamh
Equipment stolen: three computers, and a mobile phone.

If the reports which were previously submitted both to the Public Prosecutor and the Attorney-General have been ignored, this statement is a new report, demanding an investigation into the kidnapping incident to be launched immediately.

“There is no excuse for the public prosecution to neglect conducting an investigation into this crime and turn a blind eye to the whole incident, we have submitted two reports, and the incidents reported are sufficient to complete the crime, should we import a Public Prosecution from abroad to ensure justice and to restore the public confidence that everyone is equally subject to the law, even State Security officers? ” said Huda Nasralla, lawyer in the Arabic Network.

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