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Cairo 2/3/2010

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information said , today, that the military court has adjourned the case #6/2010 against the young blogger Ahmed Mustafa to 7/3/2010.

Since yesterday , ANHRI lawyers are trying to convince the military court to review case documentation. Although the court accepted the deferral request submitted by ANHRI legal counsel ,Hamdi AlAssuity, yet the request ot documentation revirew was rejected thereby wasting the right of legal defense.

Mohamed Mahmoud,ANHRI lawyer said, ” We are subjected to strict and unreasonable security measures , as well as the court is insisting on the presence of assigned defense, though we are Ahmad’s official defense. Ahmed has stated that fact to the court one and many times , but they would not listen” .

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information said, ” Many question marks are raised and many doubts are casted on this trial which should have not been conducted in the first place.

Intelligence got the blog password from Ahmed in January 2010. However , they deleted nothing of the blog , but changed the password to prevent blogger access to his own blog. Yet, the blogger managed to restore the old password again and to his surprise, this cruel case was fabricated against him!!

We expect some clarifications on these issues and we assert that with continued access denial to documentation , ANHRI lawyers’ presence will be but granting litgitimacy to an unfair trial”.